The Shower Lab View 05 Shower Enclosure

The Shower Lab View 05 Shower Enclosure
The Shower Lab View 05 Shower Enclosure


Frameless glass shower enclosure, consisting of an inline panel, door and inline panel. This style of enclosure is sometimes referred to as a PDP.

This popular style of frameless shower enclosure is well suited to to all interior designs, whether for a master bathroom, an en-suite shower room or a five star hotel bathroom.
  • Panel height 2000mm.
  • Available with 577mm, 593mm or 693mm door.
  • Left and right inline panels are provided in equal sizes - 175mm, 275mm, 375mm, 475mm or 575mm.
    Non-equal left and right sizes are available on request - please contact us if if you require a different combination of inline panel sizes.   
  • Wall profile offers 12mm (+/- 6mm) adjustment where required.
  • Two SB2 stay bars are included for all sizes from 1200mm to 1400mm in width.
  • An SB10 stay bar is always included for all sizes 1500mm or wider.
  • Easy Clean glass finish included at no extra charge.
  • 10mm thick toughened safety glass tested to EN12150
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty
Bespoke options available including non-standard panel widths, hinge colours, glass types and custom panel shapes. Click the Bespoke tab for more information.

Metal Finishes

Metal Finishes


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Along with the frameless glass panels, this shower enclosure includes the following components;


Underframe x1
Underframe Top Cap x1
Wall Channel x2

Brackets & Hinges

Glass to Wall Bracket x4
Glass to Glass Hinge x2

Stay Bars

SB2 Stay Bar x2
(1200-1400mm width)
SB10 Stay Bar x1
(>1500mm width)

This Shower Lab Shower Enclosure can also be specified with a range of bespoke options, allowing you to customise all aspects of its look and design. For a quote or more information on the bespoke options available, please contact us on 01603 558278, or e-mail us at

Bespoke Enclosure Sizes

Non-standard sizes are available for this enclosure with a width up to 1800mm, allowing you to purchase an enclosure to your exact specification.

Bespoke Metal Finishes

Bespoke enclosures can be purchased in any of the standard finishes.

Bespoke Glass Options

Bespoke enclosures are available with a range of different glass types.

Bespoke Shapes

Shower enclosures can be customised to accommodate non-square walls, sloped ceilings, or notches in the glass.

Raked Cut
Glass can be cut for out-of-square walls and floors
Angled Cut
Glass can be cut to suit sloped ceilings
Notch Cut
Glass can be cut out for either square or rectangular items such as baths
* The Shower Lab View 01 Shower Enclosure shown as an example of a bespoke shape

This shower enclosure comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase as standard across all components and glass screens against manufacturing defects. In addition, plastic seals are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Please note, The Shower Lab's Easy Clean Glass Finish is not included in this guarantee, as its performance is subject to outside influences, such as the maintenance and care regime of the user, and is subject to a reduction in its effectiveness if abrasive cleaning products are used. Appropriate care must be taken when cleaning glass that has been treated by the Easy Clean Glass Finish.

This 10 year guarantee is only valid in the UK and is only available to the original purchaser (proof of purchase will be required). This guarantee cannot be transferred to a third party. If a product is deemed to be defective, The Shower Lab will repair or replace any part of the item originally purchased. This shall constitute our sole obligation covered by this guarantee.

This guarantee covers normal domestic use for The Shower Lab spaces that have been installed in accordance with our installation instructions. Under no circumstances, will The Shower Lab be liable for:

  • Any item that has been modified without prior written approval by The Shower Lab
  • Any item that has been subjected to accidental damage, normal wear and tear, willful neglect or which has failed as a direct result of incorrect maintenance
  • Any compensation payments for consequential losses or any other associated costs unless prior written consent is given by The Shower Lab