The Shower Lab View 03 Shower Enclosure with Panel-Hinged Door

The Shower Lab View 03 Shower Enclosure with Panel-Hinged Door


Frameless glass shower enclosure, consisting of door and inline panel.

Consisting of a thick glass frameless shower door hinged to an inline panel, this shower enclosure is a great option for interior designers and architects when planning the layout of a shower room, en-suite or master bathroom.
  • Panel height 2000mm.
  • Wall profile offers 12mm (+/- 6mm) adjustment where required.
  • An SB2 stay bar is always included for all sizes between 1200mm and 1400mm in width.
  • An SB9 stay bar is always included for all sizes 1500mm or wider.
  • Easy Clean glass finish included at no extra charge.
  • 10mm thick toughened safety glass tested to EN12150
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty
Bespoke options available including non-standard panel widths, hinge colours, glass types and custom panel shapes. Click the Bespoke tab for more information.

This enclosure is also available with a wall-hinged door - click here for more information.

Metal Finishes

Metal Finishes


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This Shower Lab Shower Enclosure can also be specified with a range of bespoke options, allowing you to customise all aspects of its look and design. For a quote or more information on the bespoke options available, please contact us on 01603 558278, or e-mail us at

Bespoke Enclosure Sizes

Non-standard sizes are available for this enclosure with a width up to 1800mm, allowing you to purchase an enclosure to your exact specification.

Bespoke Metal Finishes

Bespoke enclosures can be purchased in any of the standard finishes.

Bespoke Glass Options

Bespoke enclosures are available with a range of different glass types.

Bespoke Shapes

Shower enclosures can be customised to accommodate non-square walls, sloped ceilings, or notches in the glass.

Raked Cut
Glass can be cut for out-of-square walls and floors
Angled Cut
Glass can be cut to suit sloped ceilings
Notch Cut
Glass can be cut out for either square or rectangular items such as baths
* The Shower Lab View 01 Shower Enclosure shown as an example of a bespoke shape