The Shower Lab Maintenance and Care Guide

Maintaining the quality of your Shower Lab product

To maintain the beauty of your shower screen, we recommend it is regularly cleaned to remove excess water, and avoid the build-up of limescale or other moisture-related damage.

Use a soft, damp cloth to wash down the inside of the glass with fresh water. A squeegee should also be used after every shower to reduce the risk of streaks and marks caused by shower water. Once wiped down, dry your shower screen with a soft micro-fibre cloth for the best results.

Do not use scouring pads or steel wool to clean your shower, and avoid abrasive or acidic cleaning products as these can cause permanent damage to your glass, causing it to dull and become unfit for purpose. Stubborn stains can be removed easily by using undiluted washing up liquid and a soft cloth.

Deep Cleaning Your Enclosure

For best results, we recommend deep cleaning your shower enclosure once a month. Combine a mild detergent with water and use a soft cloth to polish this into the screen. All of The Shower Lab spaces are provided with our Easy Clean Finish, allowing you to return it’s new shine easily.

Easy Clean Finish Maintenance

The Shower Lab's Easy Clean Finish is an application used to make the glass water repellent. It bonds an invisible, non-stick polymer coating to the glass, creating an impenetrable barrier against limescale and other forms of water-related build up.

Additional care must be taken when cleaning shower screens treated with our Easy Clean Finish. Avoid all abrasive cleaning products as they can cause damage to the polymer coating, reducing its effectiveness over time. To clean, simply wipe away excess water after every shower with a soft, damp cloth. Micro-fibre cloths or squeegees can then be used to dry and finish the glass surface, minimising the risk of streaks or water-related marks.