The Shower Lab Bespoke Shower Enclosure Service

Bespoke shower enclosures can be specified across The Shower Lab range

All shower enclosures from The Shower Lab can be supplied as bespoke products. This enables sizes, configurations, glass types, handle types and metal finishes to be specified to match your requirements exactly.

We offer a nationwide measure, design and fit service for The Shower Lab shower enclosures. Use our bespoke service to overcome complications such as low or sloping ceilings, beams or notches, or awkward shower enclosure sizes.

We require approximate site dimensions in order to produce a quotation, and accurate site dimensions prior to ordering. Please contact us by phone on 01603 558278 or e-mail us at to discuss your project in more detail.

Bespoke Enclosure Sizes

Non-standard sizes are available on request, allowing you to purchase an enclosure to your exact specification.

Bespoke Metal Finishes

Bespoke enclosures can be purchased in any of the standard finishes.

Polished Nickel
Brushed Nickel
Polished Gold / Brass
Brushed Gold / Brass
Brushed Bronze
Matt Black

Bespoke Glass Options

Bespoke enclosures are available with a range of different glass types.

Clear Glass
Ultra-Clear Glass
Grey Glass
Blue Glass
Green Glass
Bronze Glass
Satin-Etched Glass
Digitally-Printed Glass

Bespoke Handle Options

Bespoke enclosures can be fitted with any compatible handle type.

H1 - The Curve
H7 - The Knob
H8 - The Sphere
H9 - The Elliptical
H12 - The Rail
H15 - The Linear
NH7 - The Knurl
NH10 - The Wheel

Bespoke Shapes

Shower enclosures can be customised to accommodate non-square walls, sloped ceilings, or notches in the glass.

Raked Cut
Glass can be cut for out-of-square walls and floors
Angled Cut
Glass can be cut to suit sloped ceilings
Notch Cut
Glass can be cut out for either square or rectangular items such as baths

For more information, or for help designing your shower enclosure, please contact us by phone on 01603 558278 or e-mail us at