Just Frameless Showers

Bespoke Service

All shower enclosures from both Majestic Showers and The Shower Lab can be supplied as bespoke products. This enables sizes, configurations, glass types, handle types and metal finishes to be specified to match your requirements exactly.

We offer a nationwide measure, design and fit service for both Majestic Showers and The Shower Lab shower enclosures. Use our bespoke service to overcome complications such as low or sloping ceilings, beams or notches, or awkward shower enclosure sizes.

We require approximate site dimensions in order to produce a quotation, and accurate site dimensions prior to ordering. Please contact us by phone on 01603 558278 or email us at info@just-frameless-showers.co.uk to discuss your project in more detail.

Some shower enclosures are bespoke only. You can peruse exclusively bespoke products from both Majestic Showers and The Shower Lab below.

Majestic bespoke shower enclosurestheshowerlab bespoke shower enclosures